Siberian Husky Temperament -12 Things You Need To Know

The Siberian Husky breed is a dog that is very beautiful. It has a thick coat and comes in a variety of markings as well as colors.

It has multi colored eyes. Its ears are erect and have a triangular shape. The dog has a medium size with facial masks that make it more appealing.

Siberian Husky Temperament

A new owner should know the following Siberian husky character and personality before deciding to buy the dog.

1.The dog requires a lot of involving activities so as to maintain and enhance its happiness as well as health. Adopting this dog calls for a very active lifestyle since this dog has a lot of energy.

2. Husky enjoys bike rides, hikes and jogs as well as long and continuous walks.

3. It requires plenty of space so as to move freely.

siberian husky facts


4.This breed howls loudly and may get bored easily.

5. It is loving, playful and gentle which is friendly to children and strangers and therefore cannot be used as a watchdog.

6. Husky also needs firm leadership in issues to do with rule enforcement and boundaries. Your family members need to be trained on this rules and leadership skills so as to ensure consistency.

7. After buying husky, you should not leave it without a supervisor or well tamed yard simply because this dog can escape easily.


8. It should not be kept close to other pets such as cats since it has a high affinity for prey. He is only friendly to pets which he has been raised with.

9. The dog is intelligent thus easily trainable. He requires regular and continuous training.

Siberian husky temperament

10. The dog does not require much food as compared to other dogs.

11. Keeping the dog in the backyard is not advisable since it becomes bored and lonely and it may end up being very destructive.

12. He is a nice companion especially when you use much of your energy and give time on Siberian husky training.

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