Siberian Husky Facts – 6 Interesting Things You Should Know

Wanted to buy that cute husky you seen on the pet shop windows? Get to know them first with the following Siberian husky facts below.

1. Siberian husky facts history

Siberian Huskies came from the freezing land of Siberia, who helped the people from a tribe known Chukhi haul their loads of harvested seals from Anadyr River.

Siberian huskies was called Chukhi dog some 3000 years ago.

They were a perfect companion for the Chukhi tribe people as they are resilient enough to take on the cold and friendly enough to live along with humans.

siberian husky facts

Siberian huskies was called Chukhi dog some 3000 years ago.

It was only around 1908 when Alaskan traders came back home with some Chukchi dogs that they decided to call them the Siberian Husky.

The Siberian Huskies are still used for dogsled racing today and are noticeably much faster that Samoyed and Alaskan Malamute.

But not only in dogsled racing they are being utilized, they were also being chosen for recreational mushing, for skijoring, a sport where one or three dogs pulls along a skier and European ski-pulka.

Siberian Huskies mostly falls under two category, racing and show categories.

2. Siberian husky facts: As pets

Because of being gentle, Siberian huskies has become popular as family pets.

But, even though they are great companions for human, adult and kids alike, they are also proven to be a threat to smaller animals.

My huskies and even heard of other huskies killed chickens, ducks, and cats. This is because of their predatory nature, but can be avoided by Siberian husky training.

Siberian husky doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, but they do shed a lot which requires good brushing but they doesn’t have much doggy smell and I found them cleaner that other of my dogs.

One of the most important thing to give your Siberian Husky pet is a lot of activity and exercise

3. Siberian husky fun facts

siberian husky facts

Is Siberian Husky wolf mix? When if first see a Siberian Husky in Cartimar (It’s a big pet store in Manila, Philippines), what really got my attention is that they looks like the wolves I see on movies.

Only after doing some research that I learned that they don’t have any biological link with wolves and they are pure bred domestic dog.

4. Siberian husky facts: Colors

Siberian Huskies have this magnificent, powerful look in them. My first Siberian husky have double coats.

I had already have huskies that are black and white, gray and white or copper red.

They can also be all white Siberian husky but I’m not really fascinated with a husky with this color so I won’t be owning a white Siberian husky anytime soon.

Another great feature I love about Siberian Huskies are unique facial markings or what is commonly called mask.

5. Siberian husky facts: Eyes

Siberian huskies eyes are most commonly light blue but some have one blue eye and the other hazel or brown.

No matter what color, their eyes are strikingly penetrative and intelligent, I don’t know if it’s just me but nothing can beat the looks of a blue eyed husky.

6. Siberian husky facts: Temperament

AKC standards make it clear that the Siberian Husky should come off as friendly and gentle, but also attentive and outgoing.

He should not have the suspicious and possessive alertness of a watchdog and should be good with strangers and other dogs.

Even though a Siberian Husky should be sociable, he shouldn’t be the over eager type. He should have a mature and reserved attitude, which would add to his dignity as a mature dog.

The temperament of the Siberian Husky should reflect his intelligence and prove him as a loyal companion dog as well as an eager and efficient working dog.

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