How To Train A Dog Not To Be Dominant (5 GREAT TIPS)

You are walking happily down the street with your dog, then suddenly you see another dog coming.

Immediately your heart beats fast as you try to hold your breath because this means only one thing. Your lovely but very dominant dog is going to try to leave their mark on yet another dog.

how to train a dog

And the bad experience of the last time this happens is still fresh on your mind.

Different scenarios start running on your mind on how you get away with this situation, even though the other dog is on a leash, you know this still means trouble if they come too close.

But before you can come up with any idea, your dog starts to pull you like crazy with the hair on their back starting to rise.

You’ve tried everything to stop this behavior. Like tugging on the leash, getting a different collar, distract them with food but nothing has changed.

Now the only thing you can do is to keep them separated at all costs. There seems to be no sunshine in this cloudy situation.

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So how did it all of this go so badly?

The mistake that so many dog owners and trainers commit is that they’re giving their dog the wrong message at home that it’s too late to correct it when they encounter another dog on the street.

To put it simply…

Dogs are simple animals. And I mean that in a very loving way. But they’re simply not interested in big TVs, fast cars or their next holiday.

Their concern is about their survival which includes protecting the property and the pack, especially when they are outside.

You should remember that. Dogs are pack animals. In their world, there are only leaders and followers.

And it is the leader’s duty to decide what is dangerous and take the initiative of protecting the pack.

So, when your dog is outside and sees another strange dog coming, they would show dominant dog body language like walk up to them chest-up, head-up, tail-up and try to get them to back down. Because they think that they are the pack leader.

Maybe you’re thinking, when did I gave the message to my dog that they are in charge. That they are the pack leader in my home.

(This is where Doggy Dan’s dog training method is so cool. He totally understands how to show dog you are the pack leader and the site explains how YOU can do all of that in a very simple way.

Dan even offers YOU a 3 Day $1 trial of the site that you can take advantage of.
But what’s really impressive is that he does it in such a kind and gentle way. And it’s very simple, he uses 5 Golden Rules.

When you can see Doggy Dan’s pack around other dogs they do not overplay their role because they all know that he is the pack leader and so can take it easy.)

Not all dogs are the same and there are by nature dominant dog breeds and there are some who like to be more of a follower.

But, what type of dog you own doesn’t really matters.

The secret is this…

YOU need to know how to train your dog not to be dominant and establish that you are the pack leader. Doing that will make teaching other training tricks  easier.

You might give your dog really good training regimens but without first building a solid foundation they will not work

Your dog simply doesn’t notice you once he sees another dog. He is more concern on protecting his pact (YOU).

So, to say it again…. YOU need to become the pack leader. Click To Tweet

I have learned some great training tricks from Doggy Dan that I want to share with you that will make your dog calmer when he sees other and gets near other dogs.

But remember, the pack leader foundation HAS to be in place first or else the tips below won’t work.

1. Food distractions: The key to this trick is to use it as a distraction. This approach really works with some food hounds. Use amazing food, such as chicken or cheese and not their usual biscuits! One thing to remember with this trick is to not reward your dog after they have lunged towards the oncoming dog.

2.Take it slowly: Like the quote of a popular hot dog commercial, Slowly but Surely. Do not expect miracles overnight. Unless you’ve just put the pack leader rules in place! Another quote say’s Haste make waste”. Rushing things especially in training your dog will not give you a good result, but going slowly builds confidence.

3. Master the walk: Make sure that you’ve gotten control of your dog’s walking before you meet the oncoming dog. If you need to consider a device other than a flat collar to achieve this then do so.

4. Stay focused on what you want: It’s easy to get sucked into following your dog’s behavior but remember that you need to continue to show your dog exactly how you want them to behave.

5. Be ready to step in: Stay focused on the best result but be ready to step in and quickly guide your dog away or gently tug or correct them. Once you’ve done this remember to relax immediately afterward.

One of the things that I love about this whole method is that it works with your dog’s natural instincts.

For example, it’s natural that one dog will be above another (remember leaders and followers?). You can’t take that out of dogs. But by sending the message that you are the pack leader, they will not be nearly as likely to become overly protective, tense, dominant or take things too far.

Check out this great video below of two dogs playing at being dominant and submissive.

If you have tried everything  on how to establish dominance over dog and in becoming the kind and gentle pack leader that you need to be and want to take back control then check out this site and their 3 days $1 trial.  CLICK HERE

Keep in mind that dealing with the problem as they happen are always too late. You should sort out the real cause of the issue and turn the thing around.

Your dog is just waiting for you to give them the right messages!

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