How Much Do Iguanas Cost?


The answer to this question about iguana prices comes in two-fold, first the actual iguana prices when you buy them and the second is the iguana cost in keeping them.

How much are iguanas?

In the Philippines, baby iguanas prices range between Php 2500 – 3500 (52 USD – 73 USD) those without a certificate and up to Php 5500 – 6000 (115 USD – 125 USD) those with captive bred certificate (CBC).

Captive bred certificates are proof that the iguanas you own are not caught in the wild, and when Department Of Environment and Natural Resources found you have green iguana without CBC they will confiscate it.

Now, the real question comes in, how much is an iguana upkeep?

What would it cost you to keep them healthy and happy? Well, a lot. The cute little baby green iguana will grow into a dinosaur in no time, maybe in a year.

How big do iguanas get?

Green iguanas can grow up to 6 to 7 feet long and weigh around 20 pounds. Male green iguanas grow more than a female iguana. Female green iguana rarely exceeds 5 feet long (Read more here Green Iguana Care Sheet).

Unlike other pets that you only need one cage which most of the times are small enough that it can fit on your countertop and other small table or desk, iguana requires a huge enclosure that is 6 feet high, 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep (This is the recommended size). I plan to devote an entire spare room for my iguana.

Though, for a newly acquired green iguana, a smaller cage or aquarium is recommended for taming purposes.

I am lucky enough to be working alongside with Construction Companies that I able to ask a favor to their carpenter to make an enclosure for my iguana using used woods and I only purchase the screen mesh for $45 and gave another $50 for the carpenters who built it.


These are a small price to pay compared to what I saw in amazon like this one. You can also buy some decorations like this but for me, I just get some branches from a tree nearby for him to climb up and down to. It’s good to mimic the natural habitat where do iguanas live.

Another cost to consider is the medical cost. It is a good idea to bring a newly purchase juvenile iguana to a vet, to check for parasites like worms and mites, and any sign of metabolic bone disease.

What Is Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD)?

According to , Metabolic Bone Disease does not occur in wild iguanas. The term MBD is used to describe any condition in which the reptile’s bones do not contain enough calcium. It is also called nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism or NSHP (even though some of the possible causes are not nutritional), fibrous osteodystrophy or hypocalcemia.

Another cost to consider that is very important to green iguanas are lighting and the electricity costs associated with using such lightings which will vary for each location.

Providing a strong UV fluorescent bulbs can prevent Metabolic Bone Disease. The lightings you will be needing are UVB light, UVA light and heat lamp. It is best to provide two heat lamps, one for daytime and one for the night which can be black lights that emit heat or ceramic heat emitters.

I see people who use a timer that automatically changes their heat lamp from day to night and night to day. It is a good idea so you can set it and forget it, and no need to wake up early or rush home at night to turn on and off this heat lamps.

I also purchase a dome in IKEA for my lights which cost $25 each.

Also having a thermometer and hygrometer is good, you can purchase them separately or opt for a dual function thermometer/ hygrometer.

What do iguanas eat?

Green iguana care

Green Iguana food cost is another one to consider. For my baby green iguana, I only spend around $5 weekly for buying fruits and vegetables. I prefer this over the commercially available “Iguana food”.

I also purchased calcium powder from a local pet store for $3.

These are the initial cost associated with having my green iguana and you have to ask yourself if you are willing to spend hundreds of dollar per year to take care of a green iguana if ever you decided to get one. This is a long time commitment since iguanas can live for about 15-25 years.

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