Green Iguana

How Much Do Iguanas Cost?


The answer to this question about iguana prices comes in two-fold, first the actual iguana prices when you buy them and the second is the iguana cost in keeping them. How much are iguanas? In […]

Green iguana care
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Green Iguana Pet Care Sheet and Guide


How big do iguanas grow? Green iguana hatchlings average around nine inches including the tail. And can triple its size in a year if properly cared for. Green iguanas can grow up to 6 to […]

dog body language
Dog Training



How to read you dog body language? We humans tend to communicate through our words and body language. Although most of this human body language have already been deciphered, you can simply ask the other […]

puppy training
Dog Training

How To Toilet Train A Puppy?


Imagine waking up one morning, the sun is shining bright and you thought to yourself it’s going to be another beautiful day. Just to find out when you come out of your bedroom that your […]

How To Leash Train A Dog
Dog Training

How To Leash Train A Dog Not To Pull?


I used to have a sore shoulder and really having a good workout whenever I’m taking my dog Bruno out for a walk because of his pulling and from yanking him down the street. I […]

cockatiel bird
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How To Keep Cockatiel Bird As Pets


The Cockatiel Bird They can be found in Australia and their scientific name is Nymphicus Hollandicus. From the beak to the end of their tail feathers, cockatiel size can grow to about 12 inches in […]