Best Dog Food For Beagles (And What To Avoid?)

Best dog food for beagles

Beagles are a small sized breed of dogs that have a great sense of smell. They weigh about 20 to 25 pounds and they are easy to please. The taller they are the more they weigh.

You will generally notice that they will try to follow new scents any time they detect them. That is an important trait, that’s why people used them as hunting dogs. If you own one, you might consider giving it long walks to keep them healthy.

Their strong sense of smell is matched by an equally high appetite. To protect them from becoming overweight, you need to also give the right diet and in the right portions. In this guide, we are going to look at the best foods to give your Beagle, and what foods you should not be giving your Beagles.

We will review the following foods specially made for Beagles and other small dogs.

Our Rating
CESAR Classics Adult Wet Dog Food Check Prices
Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food, Beef & Brown Rice Recipe, 28 lbs Check Prices
Nature's Logic Canned Food - Beef - 12 x 13.2 oz Check Prices
Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food, Turkey & Potato Recipe, Grain Free, 28 lbs Check Prices
Nature's Logic Canned Food - Chicken - 12 x 13.2 oz Check Prices

How Much Food Should you Give your Beagle?

On average, you should give your dog 40 calories for every pound that it weighs. That is assuming it is a healthy dog and it’s neither overweight nor emaciated.

If your dog play a lot, that is another reason to add it a few extra calories. You should give a dog that sleeps a lot fewer calories because it does not need them. The same goes for older dogs that have cut down on their active life.

Finally, your dog should have free access to clean drinking water especially during the hot season. Dogs use water to cool their bodies when they drink it. Unlike humans who sweat, dogs cool faster through panting and lapping cold water. For a detailed calories guide, please go to


Just because the label on the package says it has protein, it does not mean that it’s a good dog food. You need to look at the ingredients and any information that will help you to establish the source of the proteins in that package. Dogs have a special digestive system that will only digest proteins from certain sources.

Best Protein Sources

The best sources include whole meat sources such as chicken, fish, beef, mutton, and lamb. Meat meals sources are also great sources of protein for dogs. They come from whole meat sources but they have been drained of all their water to make them densely rich in proteins.

Bad Protein Sources

If the packaging states that it contains meat digest or meat by-products, then you should avoid it or at least make inquiries. You should also not go for protein sources such as soya. Dogs do not respond well when fed on such a diet. The same goes for foods that list carbohydrates of any kind among their top ingredients.

Listing of Product Ingredients

That is because manufacturers are required to list the ingredients by mass starting with the one with the biggest mass. You want to give your dog foods that are rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins, in that order.

That is important because dogs are carnivorous animals. Animal proteins are their main source of nourishment and they find them easy to digest. Avoid foods that contains lots of gluten sources such as wheat, and grains products because dogs can not digest them properly.


Make sure that the sources of fats are those that are considered healthy such as from fish. Fats from fish are nutritious and they contain fat soluble minerals and omega-3 fats. If the fats come from grass-fed animals, they are still okay, but they are not better than those from fish sources. Fats help to keep the coat and skin healthy. They are also used to cushion internal organs.

Overall, AAFCO, recommends that you should provide your dog with 22% proteins for beagle dogs that are growing. If the beagle dog is mature, it should get 18% proteins for regeneration.

Fats should be a minimum of 8% for puppy beagles that are still growing and 5% for adult beagles. Generally, any quality foods will exceed these minimum recommendations.

Best Dog Food for Beagles Reviews

1. CESAR Classics Adult Wet Dog Food

This food has been specially prepared for an adult beagle dog. It has every nutrient that an adult dog needs to maintain its ideal weight. The nutrients that have been added to this food include vitamins and minerals.

Those help small breeds to stay healthy and active. The soft solid food is flavored to encourage the dog to eat it. Other benefits of this food include maintaining stronger bones, joints, and an ideal weight.

Great for helping a dog gain its weight after sicknessIn rare cases, it may cause diarrhea as allergic reaction
It helps the do to maintain its weightThe main second protein ingredient is beef by-products but it does contain animal liver as third main ingredient
Dogs love itIt includes some preservatives
It's great for small breeds of dogs
It is easy to serve


2. Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Dog Food, Beef & Brown Rice Recipe, 28 lbs

This food is designed to last long without the use of artificial preservatives. You can, therefore, expect your dog to take it without getting any allergies commonly caused by preservatives. It is dried in a special way to preserve its nutrients and mineral. It is fortified with natural minerals and vitamins to boost your dog’s immune system.

Its main ingredients are US farm raised beef, that means it’s of the quality you can trust. It also includes natural prebiotics which helps dogs to easily digest it.

It is easily digestible because it includes prebioticsIt contains rice
It's affordable because of simple drying preservation techniqueIt's dried dog food
It is made with wholesome beef, which is healthy for small and big dogs
It causes no allergies because there are no added preservatives


3. Nature’s Logic Canned Food – Beef – 12 x 13.2 oz

This dog food is designed to for those dogs that prefer beef rather than chicken. It is highly nutritious and will not cause any allergies. Unlike other foods, it contains no artificial additives which are known to negatively affect a dog’s overall healthy.

It is preserved by canning, which preserves its natural flavor. About 90% of its contents are animal ingredients, making it easy to digest. If your dog is allergic to gluten and grains, then this is the dog food to buy because it contains none of them.

This dog food has no chicken proteins, just beefIt causes no allergies
Contains no grains and is gluten freeIt is priced on the higher-end because of its quality
It is all natural and is basically whole beef proteinThe use of canning adds to cost because no harmful preservatives are used
No preservatives have been added

4. Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food, Turkey & Potato Recipe, Grain Free, 28 lbs

This special zero-grain dog food has turkey as the main whole protein source. That is a plus because your dog gets to enjoy a truly canine dish. The turkeys are US farmed and therefore they are of the best quality. It contains no grains of any kind or preservatives. That means your dog will not get an allergic reaction due to lots of grain in its diet. It will also not get any of the negative effects of gluten such as a fast aging rate. Overall, this will nourish and energize your dog.

It's healthy for the dog and will not cause allergic reactionsThis dog food is dried
It contains no grainsIt may not taste the same as fresh dog food
It is a protein that is wholly turkey based which is easy to digest
The turkey used to make this dog food is sourced from US farms
You do not have to pay for expensive packaging

5. Nature’s Logic Canned Food – Chicken – 12 x 13.2 oz

This dog food is rich in whole chicken proteins that have no artificial additives. They are prepared in hygienic conditions and then canned to preserve all flavors. To add vital vitamins and important fatty acids, the food contains canned cooked fresh vegetables and healthy oils and sealed.

There are grains and gluten sources added. It includes no synthetic vitamins and minerals. This food can be taken by dogs of all ages.

It is highly nutritious and rich in animal proteinsYou pay more than the quality of food
No synthetic minerals or vitamins includedThe canning preserves it well but adds to its cost
It contains no preservatives
No grains included
It is gluten free

The above dog foods are among the best that you can find. Each one of them has a special nutritional and protein feature that makes it more suitable to different Beagle dogs.

Depending on the preference of your beagle dog, you can choose either a turkey food, beef food, or chicken food. The dry foods have the advantage of being easy to measure when serving.

If your dog suffers from allergies, the above foods that contain no preservatives will be among the best for it. Generally, you can serve your beagle any of the above dogs without fear of affecting it.

Most important, your dog will keep its health, develop a stronger immunity, and maintain a healthy weight.

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