Which Is The Best Camera for Bird Photography?

Best Camera For Bird Photography

Choosing a proper camera set is a vital first step for anyone who wants to become a bird photographer. This could be challenging because of the wide range of options that are readily available in the market and the constant high-tech innovations. Numerous manufacturers offer different models, and each model is designed with its own unique specification having its own price tag.

Cameras that are produced lately can cost up to several thousands of dollars and the irony of it all is that the lenses that are attached to these cameras even cost far more. Depending on the purpose of bird photography and on the expected result, you shouldn’t just consider how much it goes for but how much firepower it delivers.

If you want a professional result and quality imagery, then you have to a type of camera known as the DSLR which means digital single lens reflex and they are able to accept interchangeable lenses. This is what makes these cameras unique and a handy tool for bird photographers.

Our Rating
Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera with 83x Optical Zoom and Built-In Wi-Fi(Black) Check Prices
Canon SX40 HS 12.1MP Digital Camera with 35x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch Vari-Angle Wide LCDCheck Prices
Nikon D750 FX-format Digital SLR Camera BodyCheck Prices
Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)Check Prices
Nikon D300S 12.3MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only)Check Prices

SLR Camera

How to choose the best camera for bird photography

This question is commonly asked among bird photographers especially for those who are just starting the wildlife experience. Even as an experienced bird photographer, you still ask yourself these questions as the innovations and improvement in today’s technology are completely remarkable. Aside from the cost of these cameras, there are other factors that determine their quality and functionality. Some of these factors includes;

Type of sensor

The camera sensor plays an important role in determining the image quality. Full frame sensors always perform better than the cropped sensor to a very large extent. The bigger the pixel size in the sensor, the better the light gathering ability. Having a better light means a better signal-to-noise ratio. Higher SNR also means lower noise.  Bigger sensors are very good in handling noise. If this is important to you then you should get the full frame camera body but if not, get the cropped frame camera.

Autofocus point

Bird photographers have to realize the very essence of the number and type of autofocus point. If you have noticed in few camera models, the basic difference most of the times is on in the number of autofocus point. Just because of this, the price variation is usually great. This is reasonable as an increase in the autofocus point directly means an increase in the autofocus sensors and these sensors are expensive.  They are of two types

  • The autofocus points: known as the vertical sensors they are suitable for a beginner photographer. They detect contrast and phase in just one direction
  • Crosspoint autofocus sensors: this has both the horizontal and vertical sensor working together. This is more precise and much faster in detecting the contrast or the phase. They are therefore suitable for the intermediate and the professional photographers.

ISO performance

If you have a little bit of experience in bird photography, you should know the value of a better ISO. Poor ISO performance can be very disgusting and tiring because what you think was a very nice action shot in the field can turn out to be awful on a larger display.

I know how frustrated a bird photographer can get when required to remove the ruthless noise in the image.  Dealing with this can be very painful. Higher ISO is always a great package for any bird photographer. It gives a great advantage in low light conditions and in the early mornings as well as lighting conditions in early evenings.

Higher fps

This factor was brought last because compared to other ones, it isn’t a deal breaker. Higher fps will always be a boost to bird photographers but at the expense of so much money. If I have to spend such outrageous money on bird photography, I will spend it on a lens. When you decide to get one of these cameras, get one that has at least 5 fps but the more the fps the better

Features of these products

  • Better image quality: A big sensor ensures images have less noise and an overall great quality
  • It has a better sensitivity to light because of the much less noise. This allows you to work in a dim environment to capture photographs that seem impossible before.
  • Shutter and focus speeds: With this DSLR product, focus can be achieved quickly and this allows you take multiple shots per second
  • You are provided with a feedback with the reflex mirrors meaning that you can see what you are shooting instead of using the see through hole
  • These DSLR cameras all have very good value for money. They are considered to be good investment that you could sell at a very reasonable price
  • Depending on what you need, different lenses can be mounted on your DSLR camera ranging

Other benefits are

  • Full control
  • Solid construction
  • and weather sealing


Our Rating
Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera with 83x Optical Zoom and Built-In Wi-Fi(Black) Check Prices
Canon SX40 HS 12.1MP Digital Camera with 35x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch Vari-Angle Wide LCDCheck Prices
Nikon D750 FX-format Digital SLR Camera BodyCheck Prices
Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)Check Prices
Nikon D300S 12.3MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only)Check Prices

1. Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera with 83x Optical Zoom and Built-In Wi-Fi(Black)


Powerful lens

This bird camera is equipped with 24 – 2000 lenses of the highest quality. You are able to aim at photographing birds at a very far distance. For a bird photographer, this is a great feature.

Image stabilization

In bird photography, image stabilization is an important aspect. The excellent image stabilization of this device helps you in locating a bird whether it is in motion or not


You can always transfer your photos from this gear to your computer of a smartphone by using Wi-Fi. At the same time, you can pair this camera with other devices that are compatible with it using the NFC feature.

Lightweight and battery quality

The battery of this photography instrument charges rapidly and can offer up to 360 shots in one charge. As an added advantage, this camera is lightweight and you will really appreciate this in the wild.

High-quality pictures and videosYou cannot control the settings manually because video recording is automatic
Good battery lifeIt is expensive for a super zoom
Camera is lightweight
Good image stabilisation
Rapid battery charge


2. Canon SX40 HS 12.1MP Digital Camera with 35x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch Vari-Angle Wide LCD


High-quality photographs

Due to how versatile this product is, you are with guaranteed high-quality photographs and great videos in the wild. Its unique high-end canon technology delivers maximum image quality with reduced noise and blur.

Distance capture

You don’t have to worry about getting close to the subject bird as this can scare them aware. The optical zoom of this camera is the reason you can shoot excellent pictures standing from a distance. This feature always gives bird photographers an edge.

Steady and crystal clear photos

You don’t have to spend too much time anymore in correcting noises with the Canon SX40. The optical image stabilizer delivers steady and crystal photos. To some bird photographers, shooting birds have been very challenging when they have to deal with unwanted movement occurring in the natural environment. If you are in this category, you now have a solution.

Improved light performance

This camera performs well even in limited light conditions. That is, you can take photos in dark conditions.

Zoom range is excellentManual mode limitations
Maximum image and video quality
Has an improved low light performance
Steady and very clear photos


3. Nikon D750 FX-format Digital SLR Camera Body


HD video capabilities

Well suited for bird photography, you can record uncompressed and compressed full HD 1080 footage. For easier color grading in low and high angles, the flat picture control can be applied.

Fast sharing

You can easily share and transfer your favorite birds’ photos using the wireless connect with a compatible tablet, smartphone or PC. You can also download your photos when you browse the camera memory and then email them or upload them.

Tool for serious shooters

Featuring a good autofocus and high-tech metering, the Nikon D750 is very fast and responsive as it can shoot 6.5 fps at a full resolution. It is also a serious tool because of its endless versatility. This device shoots stills in multiple formats with enhanced video definitions all in rich tonality and stunning sharpness.

Images have more spatial depth and attractive background blurPretty expensive
Higher resolution sensors that don't sacrifice overall qualityYou need to invest more on lenses to get the best out of it
Full-frame Nikon is best for quality imagesNot designed for novices and they are bigger and heavier


4. Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)


Gorgeous imagery

The 20.0MP CMOS sensors combined with the image processor of the camera delivers gorgeous and excellent imagery. This pair also enables you to shoot up to 10 frames in one second which is a useful aid in bird photography.

Built-in GPS

The canon EOS 7D mark II is designed with a built-in GPS that allows you keep a record of image location and coordinates. This is there a useful one for serious photographers who are always on the go

Optimal quality images

This camera is capable of adjusting images distortions such as peripheral illuminations, chromatic aberrations, and distortions in enabling photographers to attain maximum quality images.

Live mode shooting

With this camera, you simply cannot shy away from shooting in live mode. The distortion results can be monitored via the simulation of image function.

Excellent autofocus technologyA considerable level of ISO noise
LightweightNo built in WIFI
Fast and responsive
Live mode shots are enabled
Built-in GPS
Gorgeous and high-quality imagery


5. Nikon D300S 12.3MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only)


Still image review and D-movie shooting

The monitor of this device has a default factory calibration that ensures accurate image color for still image review and D-movie shooting. This is made possible by the 3-inch VGA LCD monitor.

One button live view

The mode for handheld and tripod live view can be activated with just a single button. This feature is very useful in challenging remote and studio conditions

Low noise

Additional expanded ISO setting for the Lo-1 and the Hi-1 makes this bird photography tool very versatile, the versatility of this camera meets the shooting requirement of any bird photographer.

Rugged and durable

The precision and strength of the magnesium alloy build which has an advanced moisture and dust countermeasures when combined with the shutter mechanism which tests to more than 150,000 cycles for world and wildlife reliability.

Low noise imagesMemory cards sold separately
High resolutions
One-button live view
Constructed with durable material
Cinematic experience



If you have to consider the sensor types, ISO performance, autofocus points, and a number of frames per seconds as well as value for money, the clear winner of this roundup is the Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera.

With this camera, you are assured of high-quality pictures and videos and the battery last longer and charges faster. You don’t have to get used to carrying a heavy device, especially in a challenging situation with this device as it is lightweight.

This Nikon P900 is suitable if you are an eager traveling photographer due to the built in GPS. In addition, the Wi-Fi and NFC features make this device also suitable for enthusiastic photographers as you can easily share photos with compatible devices.


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